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Your private coaching session

Hi there!

When you find this page, we have spoken personally  or I have been recommended privately to you by somebody you know.


However, you are here, because you know what I do and how I can help you to improve your life and/or your business.


As we have had direct or indirect contact and this is my site for “family & friends”, I would like to give you the priority before all other “external applicants”, in case you want to accept this free offer:

Would you like me to help you,

in getting clarity of purpose, create the life you want and unleash your potential to make an impact…

… and at absolutly NO cost?



In the next 48 hours, I have saved some free time to speak personally to you about how you can improve your life and/or business.


During this coaching session, together we are going to explore your experience to understand better where you’re going and where you’re at, to eventually point out potential blockages you may have and a step by step process to overcome them.


I will help you for free!

And, no worries, I am not going to waste your time – quite the opposite! I am so convinced that I can help you that I am offering you the following…

My promise:
After our talk, if you don’t get some valuable insights around clarity on where you’re going and/or how to get there ( or what’s holding you back), then I will send you $100USD for your “wasted time”…


Attention: This is not for everybody!

You must have realized that you need some change and be willing to transform your life

You must be able to share in an open way and to take constructive feedback

You must be willing to learn, take on advice and put it into action

You must really want to live a meaningful life

You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and to defy your own stories, beliefs, fears and limitations

You must be comfortable to invest in yourself

Your must be fully committed to your personal/business growth – and you have to assume full responsibility for yourself and your process

You must be working in business (executive, top management, entrepreneur)

If you recognise yourself in this, then click on the button below now!

Attention: Only a few sessions left!


I am looking forward to talk with you soon.

A big hug!


Life & Business Coach